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Why Choose Audiology Associates for Your Hearing Aids?

Choosing the right hearing aid is a big step. Picking a hearing aid based on the lowest advertised price may be tempting, but chances are you won't be satisfied in the long run.

We believe that our patients do not simply purchase a hearing aid; instead they invest in a comprehensive rehabilitative program that is designed to improve their quality of life. Our expert audiologists will fit you with the hearing aid perfect for you!

Hearing Devices

What Hearing Aid is Right for You?

Helping you maximize your hearing ability is at the heart of our mission. The good news is, today's hearing aids are better and more discrete than ever before. In fact hearing aids today have the highest satisfaction rates ever recorded from hearing aid users. However, no one size or type of hearing aid is best for everyone. Factors such as your hearing loss, your lifestyle, as well as your preference for the style of the hearing aid, are all things that your audiologist will discuss with you to determine the best hearing aid for your needs.

Audiology Associates of North Florida, is locally owned and has been serving patients in Tallahassee and the surrounding areas for over 25 years. We are proud to offer a variety of hearing aid options from some of the premier hearing aid manufacturers including Oticon and Widex.

Implantable Hearing Aids

We strongly believe that our patients should have options when considering hearing amplification. We are dedicated to providing the latest technologies to our patients.

There are several types of implantable hearing devices that are available. Bone anchored hearing aids are implantable devices placed through the skin into the skull behind the ear. These devices are primarily used for conductive hearing loss or for single-sided sensorineural hearing loss.

More information can be found at Oticon Medical.


Hearing Protection Devices

Hunters, musicians, machine operators these are for you!

One of the most common causes of hearing loss is exposure to loud sound. Whether the cause is from years of exposure to a symphony orchestra, or a single blast from a shotgun, loud sound can cause permanent hearing loss and ringing in the ears by damaging delicate nerve cells.

There are a variety of options available to help protect your hearing, including specialized custom-made devices for hunters and musicians. Contact our office to discuss your needs at 850-877-0101 extension 243.


Assistive Technology

While hearing aids alone can address most hearing problems, there are times when you may want more help to maximize your hearing potential. Contact our office to learn about the following technologies and more!

Sonic Boom Alarm Clock

Safety becomes a concern for those with severe hearing loss. There are many devices available to alert you to fire alarms, telephone rings and even to awaken you. The Sonic Boom Alarm Clock is not only louder than traditional alarm clocks, but can be connected to a remote light flasher or a pillow vibrator.

Pocket Talker

A Pocket Talker is a cost effective hearing solution for people who have difficulty manipulating a traditional hearing aid. It works best for one on one communication.





With a hearing loop installed in a public building or your own living room, your t-coil equipped hearing aids can wirelessly capture words or music coming through a sound system to give you clear customized understanding. There are many situations in which a hearing loop can help improve understanding. Call us today to get more information or to come in for a demonstration 850-877-0101 ext 243.





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