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Audiology Department Testimonials

You Don't Know What You Are Missing!

"In 2011, my wife convinced me to get my hearing checked, not that I really needed it, mind you, but, hey, what the heck. My wife made an appointment for me with Audiology Associates of North Florida. My appointment was with Dr. Amanda “Mandy” Bullard. I must admit that I was very impressed with the evaluation procedure she put me through. I am a person who wants to see empirical evidence! Well, it didn't take long before it became clear to me, that I had a serious hearing deficit. Apparently, my hearing that had deteriorated over the years. And, here I thought that people were forgetting how to speak distinctly... oh well!

I ended up with some awesome hearing aids, tuned to my exact hearing deficiencies by Dr. Bullard. Wow, I could hear again! The first evening that I had hearing aids, I took my wife to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. During dinner, she teared up. I asked her, what is the problem? She answered, “Do you realize how long it has been since we've had a normal conversation at a restaurant, without you constantly saying, 'what did you say?'“ I started to discover that I had been missing a lot of the detail of conversations! Because hearing loss often occurs gradually over time, you don't fully realize what you are not hearing. I had apparently forgotten, among other things, that when you put your auto's turn signal on, that there is an audible click, click, click...

I highly recommend Audiology Associates of North Florida! Not only do you come away with your new hearing aids, you start to once again enjoy a world of sounds. In addition, there is follow-up. You are periodically evaluated, and any necessary adjustments are made. Audiology Associates of North Florida does everything they can to make sure that you continue to hear as well as humanly possible. My experience with Dr. Bullard was, and continues to be, superb! She is very personable, and her expertise is unquestioned!"

Very Sincerely,
David G. Kuhn, Ph.D.


"After suddenly losing all of the hearing in my right ear 7 years ago, I have struggled with my hearing loss during gatherings of friends and family and my wife and kids were tiring of me asking them to repeat themselves constantly because I couldn't hear or understand things they were saying. My wife felt that I had become much less social because of my inability to hold conversations. I had been wearing a cross aid during this time and really couldn't tell that it was helping me a great deal.

Once I tried the Ponto, it was clear that this hearing device was a dramatic improvement over what I had been using. Now that I have the Ponto installed, I no longer have to turn my head to hear people and my overall communication has drastically improved. I recently gave a lecture in a huge auditorium and was surprised that I could even hear questions asked all the way in the last row! Without the Ponto that never would have been possible.

The surgery was relatively painless and the healing period was unremarkable. My audiologist, Mary Susan Thornton and the staff at Audiology Associates have been a God send. I definitely recommend that anyone consider an evaluation to see if they would be an appropriate candidate."

Andy Wong, M.D.


"I wanted to share with you my experience on a recent trip to Chicago to visit my daughter. My daughter had mentioned to me that her church had installed a Hearing Loop system. When we went to mass that Sunday, I had a chance to check it out. It was great. The sound came through much better than just through my hearing aids. I would compare it to my TV Ears, which has saved our marriage.

This is technology that should be installed in all public facilities where people gather."

Charles LaTour

Terrific Office!

"The new hearing aid I purchased has let me re-enter the world of conversation and normal life. Mary Susan is very good at what she does and the product she provides is worth every penny!"

Satisfied Customer

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