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BLOG posts by Tallahassee Ear, Nose and Throat

Voice Problems - Part 2

By Spencer Gilleon, M.D.

So now you have made it to the Ear, Nose and Throat physician’s office for ongoing voice problems, and you’re feeling somewhat nervous about this evaluation. Be reassured the examination is well tolerated and involves only a few minutes of direct visualization of the vocal cords. The ENT physician is well trained in recognizing problems of the throat and larynx that might affect your voice. Further examination may entail a strobe light exam and video recording of the vocal cords as you vocalize. Rarely, a patient may have to go to the operating room for microscopic examination of the vocal cords. This often occurs with children, as they are usually uncooperative with an endoscopic examination in the office.

Voice Problems - Part 1

By Spencer Gilleon, M.D.

We have all at some point in our lives experienced a problem with our voice. While this may often be a temporary problem and resolve spontaneously, at other times the change is long lasting and possibly permanent. The temporary form of voice change is usually just a nuisance; however, to those who rely on their voice professionally, it can be devastating. Often the changes in voice occur acutely and resolve quickly, but other voice problems may occur gradually and go unnoticed for some time.

Sudden Hearing Loss

By Adrian Roberts, M.D.

Sudden hearing loss is a frightening symptom and typically results in a physician visit or a trip to the emergency room. It is more common than you might think and occurs at a rate of 5-20 cases for every 100,000 population, or about 4000 cases a year in the United States. The cause for the hearing loss can be variable with virus infection, blood flow compromise, autoimmune disorders, and medication side effects as some of the possibilities.

Hearing Loss

By Robert Snider, M.D.

“What did you say?” Hearing loss is something that most all of us will face sometime in our lives. Hearing losses are divided into two groups. Those that involve the outer ear, ear canal, eardrum, ear bones and middle ear space are called conductive losses. Those that involve the hearing organ with its contained hair cells and nerve fibers and the nerves leaving the ears are called nerve losses.

How Ear Infections Stress The Family

By Duncan Postma, M.D.

If baby ain’t happy, Momma ain’t happy; and if Momma ain’t happy, the family will be a mess of stress. It’s 2:00 in the morning and your two-year-old child is hot, screaming and has another ear infection. Or you’re at work and you get the same story from the daycare center, who wants you to pick your child up. You think “where is my spouse” or maybe you don’t even have a spouse to fall back on. Stress abounds in the family with a child having significant recurrent ear infections.

How to Deal With the (Sinus) Pressure

By Joe Soto, M.D.

Sometimes, the pressure is just too great. I’m not talking about pressures we face in our work lives or family lives, but the sinus pressure that may result from a bad cold or an early pollen season that causes allergies to flare up.

Your sinuses are air-filled cavities in your face. Normally, they function well. If not, they can be a source of misery for a person and significantly affect quality of life. Nasal congestion, facial pressure, facial fullness, nasal drainage, dental pain, loss of smell–all these symptoms characterize sinusitis. Many people suffer from sinusitis each year. Typically, patients feel better within a week or so by treating the sinus symptoms, but what options are available if your symptoms drag on for weeks or even months?

Smoke Out Tallahassee!

By Duncan Postma, M.D.

Tobacco addiction continues to be the leading cause of preventable death in the United States. The addiction is much greater than was understood when I was a medical student forty years ago. We now know tobacco addiction is as bad as or worse than many of the so-called “hard drugs”. Furthermore, it is much easier to become addicted during the teenage years and early 20’s. I always stress to teens that smoking is not being rebellious, it is just a way the large tobacco companies “recruit” people to keep the companies in financial health. You are just trading your health for their wealth!

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